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eight days – ice storm

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During my eight-day stay in Ontario, the highlight of uncertain weather was an ice storm.  The freezing rain fell for hours and coated every surface with a layer of icy glass.



freezing rain


trees, bare branches, wait

wood snaps in the stove

budgies peck at cuttle bone

pellets of rain, tossed

at the skylight

a second transparency


bare twigs turn in wind

to even their coating

in these last moments

before temperature turns

the snowpack on the picnic table

shrinks at the edges

shoves over, makes room


branches gloss so gradually

candles dipped in a vat of wax

over and over, acquiring thickness

the sky, through the skylight

dimpled tile, rumpled mosaic


rain stipples bark as narrative

appends to memory, pane here,

light there, layers of glass

cedar twigs turn downward

as fingers, ice builds

layers of skin



© Jane Tims 2012


Written by jane tims

January 30, 2012 at 6:49 am

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