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after the ice storm

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Our drive in the crystal world after the ice storm reminded me of a poem I wrote years ago.


It is a rebellious poem (for me), written when I was entering the workforce and unwilling to be viewed from any traditional point of view. Part of the poem uses the metaphor of ‘breaking the glass ceiling’ (Marilyn Davidson and Cary Cooper. Shattering the Glass Ceiling: The Woman Manager. Paul Chapman, Pub., 1992). The poem is about an experience in 1979 of walking in a forest after an ice storm, on one of my earliest dates with my husband. Apparently I didn’t want him to think of me in any traditional role!


Breaking the Glass Ceiling


we still see birch

bent in the forest

broken yet grown

fifteen years

since the ice storm

years translucent

as the curtain of fir

you held back for me


I ran ahead

wanted to walk with you

but hoped you knew

how alone I could be

above me branches


with ice


your hand on my arm


go softly ! (you said)

a touch

will shatter

twigs and tree-tops

chiselled from ice



and hear a million cymbals

tied to our wrists with ribbon


I wanted to listen with you

but hoped you knew

I would never be

coins in a wishing well

a ballerina bolted to a box of jewels

goblets clinking for a kiss


I will not let you

shelter me


I know only

shards of glass

from the ceiling


(some days I am fragile

only needing warmth

to keep from breaking)





Copyright 2016 Jane Tims

Written by jane tims

March 31, 2016 at 7:20 am

apple orchard after the ice storm

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On Saturday, we went for a drive to see the results of last week’s freezing rain storm. Every tree sparkled with its layer of frozen water. When we stopped by the roadside to take some photos, the sound of cracking ice made a continuous stippling noise in the forest.


I was amazed at the odd miniaturized appearance of the ice-covered apple trees in an orchard not far from our cabin. The trees are normal sized but there is a lack of scale and weirdness of light in the photos that miniaturizes the entire scene. The third photo, including the ploughed side road, looks more normal.








I think this will be our last winter storm of the season. We still have snow on the ground but next week’s warming should take it all away!


Copyright 2016 Jane Tims

Written by jane tims

March 28, 2016 at 7:00 am

eight days – ice storm

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During my eight-day stay in Ontario, the highlight of uncertain weather was an ice storm.  The freezing rain fell for hours and coated every surface with a layer of icy glass.



freezing rain


trees, bare branches, wait

wood snaps in the stove

budgies peck at cuttle bone

pellets of rain, tossed

at the skylight

a second transparency


bare twigs turn in wind

to even their coating

in these last moments

before temperature turns

the snowpack on the picnic table

shrinks at the edges

shoves over, makes room


branches gloss so gradually

candles dipped in a vat of wax

over and over, acquiring thickness

the sky, through the skylight

dimpled tile, rumpled mosaic


rain stipples bark as narrative

appends to memory, pane here,

light there, layers of glass

cedar twigs turn downward

as fingers, ice builds

layers of skin



© Jane Tims 2012


Written by jane tims

January 30, 2012 at 6:49 am

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