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book festival and fair

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This weekend, I will be part of the Metro Moncton Book Festival, a great event for all booklovers! Just have a look at all the authors who will be there with their books.


I will be there with all my books. All my books are illustrated so you can have a look at some of my artwork too.


Are you interested in edible wild plants? Do you love covered bridges?

two poetry books

Do you love science fiction or a good love story?

five books



If you are the Moncton area, I hope to see you there!

All my best,


five ways to prepare for reading from your work

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I love to read aloud and my work as a writer gives me lots of reading opportunities.


Reading at Westminster Books, Fredericton


Readings take lots of preparation:

  1. Practice. Stand, read and time your readings. Keeping to the allotted time respects the audience and keeps the reader calm, particularly near the end of the reading. No last minute timing revisions. No being ‘hooked’ off the stage!
  2. Prepare any remarks not in the reading itself. I usually give a little background to my reading and make a few remarks between poems. These words will be delivered more smoothly if they are composed, written down and practiced.
  3. Include a give-away. I sometimes raffle one of my paintings or another associated item during my book launches and readings. Everyone likes bookmarks. Business cards should always be available.
  4. Use props. Once I gave a talk to a group of high school students about career development. I took an old pair of hiking boots with me to talk about my time in the field. The boots make the presentation funny and gave the audience an image to focus on. I often bring my cardboard stand-up aliens when I read from my Meniscus books.
  5. Involve your audience. Always leave time for questions. Consider adding some interactive components to your reading: ask the audience mid-reading questions, pass a book around, include a quick show of hands.


my stand-up aliens at a New Maryland market


I have two readings and a book fair in the next weeks:

WordsSpring, WFNB

7 PM, May 11, 2018 (Friday) at Quality Inn & Suites Amsterdam, Quispamsis for WordSpring (Writers Federation of New Brunswick) – I will be reading from my two newest books: Meniscus: One Point Five – Forty Missing Days, and Meniscus: The Village at Themble Hill. Copies of all my books, including ‘in the shelter of the covered bridge’ will be for sale.

Book Launch, Westminster Books

7 PM, May 25, 2018 (Friday) at Westminster Books in Fredericton. I will be launching my book Meniscus: The Village at Themble Hill. Cary Caffrey (a.k.a. Terry Armstrong) will also be reading from his Girls from Alcyone Science Fiction Series. Everyone is welcome!

2018 Metro Moncton Book Festival

I will be selling my books at the 2018 Metro Moncton Book Festival, June 9, 2018 (Saturday), 10 AM to 3 PM at the Moncton Lions Community Centre (473 St. George Street
Moncton, NB).


Reading at The Attic Owl, Moncton


Plan your readings and your audience will appreciate the time you have taken.


If you are in the area, please come to one of my readings. I would love to see you there!


all my best,


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May 9, 2018 at 7:00 am

Creating a marketing plan

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As a writer, I think a lot about the various stages of writing.

I describe the time spent in these various stages in this way:

Creative Process (the writing, plotting, world-building and character-creation) –  10% of the time.

Editing Process (drafts after the first, grammar and spelling, refining of language and pace, checking character arcs, checking symbol recurrence, refining detail, working with editor and publisher) – 40% of the time

Marketing Process (interacting with publisher, launches and readings, selling books, book fairs, social media, advertising, writing blurbs and press releases) – 50% of the time.


I am a planner, a bit surprised to say I have never created a plan for the marketing of my books. So this will be the next step in my writing career.


two poetry books


A little research has given me the main ingredients of a Marketing Plan:

  1. a summary for reference – pulls together the main points of the plan and states my marketing goals
  2. identification of customers – who they are and where to find them
  3. development of a unique selling point – a way to separate your product from others
  4. a pricing strategy – price of your product and timing of offers
  5. a distribution plan – how customers will buy from you



In the next few weeks, I will think about and write down these components as they relate to my products: my books and paintings.


Have you ever created a marketing plan and did it help you to meet your goals?


Copyright Jane Tims 2018


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