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Sources for Creative Writing – a writing exercise

Sources for Creative Writing – Inspiration versus Perspiration

Annual Free School – Storytelling, Falls Brook Centre, July 16, 2016


Exercise to generate some content for your writing.

  1. Write a couple of words that identify a place (a person, an animal or plant, a time)
  2. Write a couple of phrases about the place you chose.
  3. Write the W5 about the place you chose – who, what, when, where, why. Consider how?
  4. Write the S5 about the place you chose – taste touch see hear smell
  5. Find metaphors for your ‘place’.
    1. If it was a sound, it would be …………
    2. If it was a smell, it would be ……………
    3. If it was a touch, it would be ……………
    4. If it was a taste, it would be ………………
    5. If it was an image, it would be …………………
  6. If your place was a vowel, would it be a, e, i, o, u, or y ?
  7. If your place was a consonant, would it be jkl, or mno, or wyz? Go through the alphabet and choose the letters that represent your place. Chose words that resonate with those letters.
  8. Take one word on your page … think of another word that means the same thing. How is the new word better? How is it worse? PRESS on every word in your work. Is it the best it can be?
  9. Underline words or phrases you will use in your poem or story.
  10. Read your words aloud.




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