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How Her Garden Grew

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Mid-summer and my little garden is doing well. The plants are growing in planters on my deck: three parsley plants, three climbing beans, three snow peas and one cucumber. I have to ‘weed’ every day as the maple keys keep sprouting!


With a small garden, I have lots of time to read. Right now I am reading the forth in the Lane Winslow Mysteries, set in Canada in British Columbia after WW II here. I love mysteries and now I have one of my own. ‘How Her Garden Grew’ tells the story of a mom and her kids who find a packet of old letters and follow a trail of mayhem and murder to summer’s end.  This is the first in a series of three Kaye Eliot Mysteries, set in Nova Scotia in 1995.


How Her Garden Grew is available on-line here. Or at Westminster Books in Fredericton (you should see their new store at 88 York Street!)


final HHGG cover


I am spending my summer (when I am not pulling maple sprouts) writing the sequel to ‘How Her Garden Grew’. It will be called ‘Something the Sundial Said’ and take readers on another cozy mystery adventure.


Enjoy your summer reading!


All my best,


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