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ice is nice

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Our snow is slow in coming this year.  We have had three snowfalls, but each, in its turn, has been rained or warmed away.   If our ups and downs of temperature continue, the scant layer of snow on the ground this morning will be gone by Saturday.

However, winter is manifesting itself in other ways.  I am wearing another sweater-layer this week.  Our grey woods are muttering with chill cracking sounds.  And ice is forming on the river and along the lake edge, gradually covering the surfaces with white and grey.

Ice – the frozen state of water…  water is critical because it is a key component of our ecosystem and we need water to drink.  Also, an unusual property of ice is responsible for keeping our ecosystem healthy.

Frozen water is about 8% less dense than liquid water.  This means ice floats.  As a result, bodies of water such as rivers, ponds and lakes, do not freeze from the bottom up.  Instead, when water freezes at the surface, critical habitat is left under the ice for living things to survive and thrive.  This is especially important for the bacterial and algal colonies at the base of the food chain.

Ice, therefore, is nice.




river ice


ice builds in shallows

at the rim of river, incremental

embellishment to glass, surrounds

willow stem and reed, thickness

increased as frost penetrates, sharp

edges cauterized by cold


©  Jane Tims  2011

Written by jane tims

December 21, 2011 at 6:43 am

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