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Creating a marketing plan

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As a writer, I think a lot about the various stages of writing.

I describe the time spent in these various stages in this way:

Creative Process (the writing, plotting, world-building and character-creation) –  10% of the time.

Editing Process (drafts after the first, grammar and spelling, refining of language and pace, checking character arcs, checking symbol recurrence, refining detail, working with editor and publisher) – 40% of the time

Marketing Process (interacting with publisher, launches and readings, selling books, book fairs, social media, advertising, writing blurbs and press releases) – 50% of the time.


I am a planner, a bit surprised to say I have never created a plan for the marketing of my books. So this will be the next step in my writing career.


two poetry books


A little research has given me the main ingredients of a Marketing Plan:

  1. a summary for reference – pulls together the main points of the plan and states my marketing goals
  2. identification of customers – who they are and where to find them
  3. development of a unique selling point – a way to separate your product from others
  4. a pricing strategy – price of your product and timing of offers
  5. a distribution plan – how customers will buy from you



In the next few weeks, I will think about and write down these components as they relate to my products: my books and paintings.


Have you ever created a marketing plan and did it help you to meet your goals?


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getting ready for fall

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It may seem early, but I have my sights set on November. I plan to sell my book and some of my paintings at a local Christmas market. To have enough paintings ready for the event, I have to start now! Just a bit at a time since I also have to finish two larger canvases already begun!


This will be a chance to see if I can sell copies of my book ‘within easy reach’ in a market setting. To keep in the theme of gathering wild edibles, the paintings for sale will be of some of the wild fruit we have in New Brunswick:

  • blackberries, in the style of the painting on the cover of my book
  • wild strawberries
  • raspberries
  • low bush blueberries
  • apples



canvases, edges prepared and ready for paint!


Since I dread just sitting behind my table, waiting for someone to have a closer look, I will take a couple of canvases and paint as I wait!




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July 27, 2016 at 4:17 pm

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