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on the way to Ile de Ré 6-1

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6-1 b

biking towards the coast (image from Street View)


Day 6-1 1 Logbook


Day 6-1 1 map

map showing distance travelled (map from Google Maps)


On my first day of Phase 6 of my virtual bike trip across central France, I was preoccupied with seeing the ocean (Bay of Biscay) and the coastline of France.

I stopped for a cup of tea at a small roadside bistro …


6-1 o

a small bistro in L’Houmeau (image from Street View)


I started to think about the vistas I have seen in France – both the old and the new …


6-1 a

Bricomarche – a chain store selling building and decorating supplies – similar to Home Depot in Canada (image from Street View)


I have seen the new (big grocery stores and building supply stores) as well as the old (stone houses and shops) …


6-1 p

street in L’Houmeau (image from Street View)


On some corners, I see a mix of the new and the soon to be obsolete.  This scene from France reminds me – in Canada, in the last ten years, we have also seen the introduction of recycling facilities in every public parking lot, and the loss of telephone booths from almost every outside public location …

6-1 j

recycling bins and telephone booths in L’Houmeau (image from Street View)


Of all the old things I saw today, I loved this old green door with its elaborate hinges, the door to a church in L’Houmeau …


6-1 r


At last, I saw the ocean, a strip of blue on the horizon just outside Les Portes Océanes …


6-1 zzzzzz


Best View: my first glimpse of the coastline and the Bay of Biscay …




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  1. I love the old green door, too. It’s beautiful. 🙂



    June 23, 2013 at 6:39 pm

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