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create: 1: to bring into existence;

2a: to invest with a new form, office or rank;

2b: to produce or bring about by a course of action or behavior;

3: cause or occasion;

4a: to produce through imaginative skill;

4b: design. 

– Webster’s Dictionary

I am very interested in creative endeavors and I like being creative.  I am happiest when I am writing, painting, drawing, sewing, weaving, knitting, and so on.

Although I best like to write, I find creative activities substitute for one another. For example, when I am not writing for an extended period of time, I am often embedded in some other activity, such as painting.

Weaving exemplifies the lure of my various creative undertakings.  The producing requires knowledge and skill, and builds confidence.  The process is enjoyable and time is made available for thought and concentration.  The threads and fabrics are luxurious to the touch and the colors are bright and joyful. When I am finished a project, I am so proud of the resulting textile, I want to show the world.

My loom is a simple floor loom, 24 inch wide.  I bought it at a country auction, about 20 years ago.  My sister and I were among the stragglers at the auction, trying to outlast a heavy rain.  In the corner we saw a bundle of varnished wood and some metal parts.  “I think that’s a loom”, whispered my savvy sister.  When the item came up for auction, there were few bidders remaining, and no one know just what ‘it’ was.  At $25, it was a huge bargain.

My loom and I have not been steady company.  It takes forever to install the warp threads, and sometimes weaving is hard on my back.  But the fabrics we make together, my loom and I, are beautiful and comfortable and good for the soul.

What creative endeavors shape your niche space?  What materials do you use and what do you love about them?



yellow line


the road is fabric

weave of asphalt

ditch and yellow line

warp of guard rail

fence and heddle


trees in plantations

lines on the hayfield

shadows on road

hip and curve of the earth

weft as she turns in her sleep


shuttle piloted

through landscape

and watershed

textile in folds

texture the yearn of the loom


faults in the granite

potholes in pavement

rifts in the fabric

where weavers might falter

revisit work of earlier times


learning the lesson

taught by the loom


choose your weft wisely

balance color and texture

maintain your tension

fix mistakes as you go


rest when your back hurts



to the whisper

of weave

of yellow line



All my best,

staying at home, staying safe,

Jane Tims


the yellow line

Written by jane tims

June 29, 2020 at 7:00 am

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