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moment of beautiful – shadow on the snow

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shadow on the snow



under the snow


the shadow is a blue portal, a hidden way

to crocus places, sheltered where no drifting

snow or bitter wind comes howling


frost-brittle maples creak

and chickadees crack seeds

of sunflower stashed

in tunnels shaped

by squirrels



Copyright  2015  Jane Tims




Written by jane tims

February 18, 2015 at 7:36 am

tracks in the snow

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On Tuesday I went for a walk in the grey woods.  Snow fell just before Christmas, so my walk turned into a quest to see who else had been walking (or running) in the woods. 

I found many tracks, large and small.  Mice had made their cylindrical tunnels, and occasionally had run across the surface.  At some places, you can see where their tunnels suddenly go subterranean…

Sometimes several paths converge at a sheltered area beneath a fallen log, like a woodland bus terminal…

There were lots of squirrel tracks, often ending at the base of a tree where their paths move into the treetops…  

Squirrel tracks crisscrossed with those of deer… 

I followed the trail of two deer deep into the woods, thinking they were long gone since the tracks were filled with a slight dusting of snow…

This made me a little careless, and the next thing I heard was a high-pitched snort and squeal of warning and the bounding of hooves through the woods.   I got a good look at two beautiful deer, but the camera was not ready.  I did capture the very fresh track of one of the retreating deer.



tracks in the snow


ephemeral proof

I follow the beacon

of a stash of spruce cones

stock-piled at the base

of a crooked tree

careen from a foe

slip beneath a log

dive into a hole

secret hollow 

a pause to still

thud thud of my heart



©  Jane Tims   2011


Written by jane tims

December 30, 2011 at 8:36 am

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