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wings of angels

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As part of my at-home-writers-retreat, I had a ‘break’ day yesterday. I had my hair cut (always relaxing) and went with my husband for a drive to our cabin. We read our book aloud (a Philip R. Craig Martha’s Vineyard Mystery) and took lots of photos. This evening I wrote a poem, based on today’s photos. Most are blurry, because of the relentless wind.



wings of angels


I don’t believe in angels,

though I catch their whisper

between stems of Poa,

meadow grasses and blue.

Discover feather fall,

seed tufts of goldenrod,

Solidago. Wing tips

disguised as autumn leaves,

staghorn sumac or oak.

Glimpsed along low ditches,

silken hairs of rabbitsfoot

Trifolium arvense.

Find feathers aloft, on air,

cirrus or stratus clouds,

or wind-smoothed cotton-grass,

tassels of Eriophorum.

Catch scent—Dennstaedtia

hayscented fern, or cedar,

sets cones for another year.

I think of angel wings

and refuse to believe.



Copyright Jane Tims 2019


All my best,



Written by jane tims

October 11, 2019 at 7:00 am

trees on sky

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This time of year, the lost leaves allow a new observation of sky.  The bare branches remind me of pen and ink on paper.


these leafless trees / brush against /a linen sky / ink strokes /on rice paper

 (from ‘requesting the favor of a reply’ in the post ‘hidden in the hollow heart of an oak’ August 19, 2011, under shelter)   


pale sunrise


perhaps this sparse oak

colored the pale sunrise

palette, faded autumn


even loaded, lean branches

lay only brief color

on canvas sky


brush more suited to calligraphy

a few abbreviated strokes

a terse ‘good morning’


© Jane Tims 2007

Written by jane tims

October 30, 2011 at 8:23 am

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