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taking the goodness into winter

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I love carrots. Give me a bunch of local carrots and a bag of onions and there is always something for supper.


Keeping the goodness of our local produce into the winter months is a challenge. But this past weekend, I found dilled carrots still for sale at Cameron’s roadside stand just outside of Gagetown, New Brunswick. We also bought apples and a frozen apple pie.


Mom used to make these and they make a crunchy addition to a meal. Just carrots, vinegar, dill seed, garlic and salt.




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December 4, 2015 at 7:00 am

small-scale economies 7-29

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Did you ever sell vegetables by the road or help your kids run a lemonade stand?  On Day 29 of my virtual bike trip, I saw two examples of this kind of small-scale economy.  Selling roses and pots of plants provides some extra money for the vendor and something pretty or useful to buy along the road …


7-29 journal


7-29 map

map showing distance travelled (map from Google Earth)


Setting up a roadside stand means finding a way to display the merchandise (a small bench will do), making a sign on a piece of paper or cardboard, and being ready to run out when you hear a car stop in the yard …


7-29 FOR SALE_crop

selling roses along the road (image from Street View)



selling plants along the road (image from Street View)


Best View:  for some reason cars caught my eye on this virtual bike trip … a green car travelling on a highway near Treworlas  and cars with their headlights on as they drove through a dark tunnel of trees near Veryan …  I used ‘resist’ to keep the green car white until the last and learned the hard way that too much ‘resist’ will lift the fibres from the paper ! … won’t do that again!!! …


September 7, 2013  'green car'   Jane Tims

September 7, 2013 ‘green car’ Jane Tims


September 7, 2013  'headlights in dark woods'   Jane TimsIMG728_crop

September 7, 2013 ‘headlights in dark woods’ Jane Tims


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windy October drive

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On Monday, I went on a drive to Cambridge Narrows, to visit an antique store and a roadside market.  My goal: to buy some Nancy Drew mystery books for my collection and some pumpkins for Halloween.

It was a blustery day, windy enough to put some whitecaps on the St. John River…

The wind was especially evident along the former Trans-Canada Highway, where dry leaves have gathered in all the ditches.  Since only a few vehicles use this older highway, the leaves blow into the roadway…

The day had a luminous quality, in spite of the wind.  Most of the reds are gone from the trees, leaving the yellows of the poplars, the rusty-orange of the oaks and the gold of the tamaracks…

I had a successful day.  I bought some small pumpkins at a roadside stand…

three little pumpkins from the roadside vegetable stand (the faint eyes in the background are the amber eyes of our owl-andirons)

I also added five books to my collection of Nancy Drew mysteries…

five new mysteries for my collection… enough ghosts and glowing eyes for a spooky Halloween





wrought owl with amber eyes

perches on the hearth

hears a call in the forest

six syllables and silence


Great-horned Owl, light gathered

at the back of his eyes,

and the oscillating branch

after wings expand and beat


iron owl longs for a glimpse

of the sickle moon

the shadow of a mouse

sorting through dry leaves


in this cramped space

night woods are brought to their essence

fibre and bark, sparks and fire

luminous eyes



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