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a moment of beautiful – shadow

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a shadow on the kitchen cabinet of a pine cone hanging in my dining room window



frail interruption of light

ribbon without curl or selvage

pine cone without pitch

brief life from the ecliptic


Copyright  2015  Jane Tims



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February 11, 2015 at 7:01 am

keeping watch for dragons #1 – woodland dragon

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Sometimes our grey woods are a mysterious place.  Something about the slant of the light, the way the trees stand like pillars supporting the sky, or the way pale moths climb on the forest dust, conjures myth from reality.

Last year as I walked on one of the paths, my eye was drawn to the single scale of a seed cone, lying on the forest floor.  Perhaps it had been dropped as a Grey Squirrel in the tree above nibbled on a pine cone.




Woodland Dragon



in the blackened stand

of jack pine


a single





©  Jane Tims 1998

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March 17, 2012 at 8:08 am

jane 9 squirrels 1

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Again, I am in competition with the squirrels (see ‘competing with the squirrels #1 and #2’, in the Category ‘competing for niche space’). 

Christmas is coming and this year, I am decorating with natural elements.  One of these is a ceramic bowl of large pine cones. 

We have several large White Pine (Pinus Strobus L.) on our property and from time to time, they produce masses of beautiful pine cones, perfect for my decorations.  White Pine are easy to remember in this area, since they have their needles in bundles of five.  The cones are between 10 and 15 cm long and are a favourite food for squirrels.   

My husband came in last weekend and announced there were lots of the big cones in the pine tree next to our lawn. “Watch for them to fall, and then you should hurry to collect them,” said my savvy husband (he remembers the sad tale of the ripening hazelnuts). 

I waited a couple of days and then went scavenging.  And now, I am supreme.  I have gathered enough cones for our Christmas.  I saw a few cones with the lower scales and seeds nibbled away, but I found plenty for me.   My hands were sticky, true, but I was so happy.  All I can say is, with an emphasis approaching smug, “CH-CH-Ch-chchchchch-ch.”

just to show that the squirrels do have lots of pine nuts… these cones are about half eaten


in November


we gather pine cones

snakes of lion’s paw


cedar boughs

and holly

we walk the wild ways

pruners and scissors

baskets and stout cord

bind bunches

of branches

balsam and cedar  

blood berries

and evergreen

garlands of fir

rosehips and acorns, gilded


and prickles

and thorns


©  Jane Tims 2011

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