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a snippet of landscape – moose habitat

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Not far from Gagetown, on Route 102 in New Brunswick, is an interesting bit of wetland.  Sometimes there is water in this small area but more often it is just wet mud.  During periods of little rain, the mud becomes cracked and dry.  The area never seems to grow any of the grasses or other wetland plants typical of wet areas.

The reason can be discovered through two pieces of evidence.  The first thing you notice about the area is… the mud is carved with the tracks of a large animal.  The second thing you notice is the Moose Crossing sign not far away, along the highway.

I have seen a moose in this muddy place.  It is a dangerous place for a moose to be hanging out, because it is so near the road.

Moose visit these muddy areas for several reasons.  They need water, of course.  Also, salts from the road accumulate and moose use the wet areas as ‘licks’ to replenish their body salts.  Sometimes these waters are naturally high in salt content.

We have seen moose quite often this summer.  We watched a moose and her calf for about a half an hour during our trip to the Cranberry Lake area in July.

a moose and her calf

the moose sent her calf into the woods to hide and grazed quite a while, only a little concerned by us

Do you see moose where you are?

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August 13, 2012 at 8:16 am

a moment of beautiful – a swing in the orchard

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the space: in the shade of a tree

the beautiful: an old wooden swing

The sight of a swing hanging from the solid limb of an old tree recalls happy hours of swinging when I was a child.

On my grandfather’s farm, the swing was a swing-chair, and I spent hours pushing the old swing to its limits (see ‘in the apple orchard’  the post for August 9, 2011, under the category ‘my grandfather’s farm’).  At home in Ralston, Alberta, the community playground had an adult-sized swing set, strong enough to withstand our approach of ‘stand on the seat and pump’.  And, when my son was little, we had an old-fashioned board and rope swing – it was a little off-kilter and seemed to go side-to-side rather than forward-and-backward but I remember he and I had lots of fun.

My own childhood story about board and rope swings is bitter-sweet.  My Dad built me a swing and hung it from the rafters in the basement of our house in Medicine Hat.  I loved it, but … one day I let go of the ropes and fell backwards, hitting my head on the concrete floor.  I can still remember the intense pain and the big black star that dominated my vision for a moment.  People who know me will say this explains a lot.



swing sway


the old swing

hangs frayed from a limb

of the apple tree


hips as she waits

for the downtown bus

rocking learned

in baby years

when rhythm brought peace

and a quiet evening



© Jane Tims  2012

Written by jane tims

March 31, 2012 at 7:05 am

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