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song of the Hermit thrush

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Every morning I listen at my window for the morning bird chorus. This morning, my first Hermit thrush of the year! It is my favorite of the bird songs, melodic and heavenly, phrases repeated in different keys.  A year ago, I heard the song and wrote the following poem. For the process I followed in writing this poem, see this.

Hermit thrush


Catharus guttatus


neither visceral nor guttural, ethereal

tip-toe in tree tops

air pulled into taffy thread

a flute in the forest

froth on a wave


rain trembles on leaf tips

guttation drops on strawberry

a lifted curtain of mayflower


I saw you there

hidden in the thicket 

and I followed


climb the ladder and sing

then step to the rung below

heads up, thoughts of the new day

parting of the beak

pulse at the throat

hairs lift

at the nape

of the neck, fingers

warble the keys

between middle and ring




Published at July 1, 2016


Copyright Jane Tims 2016

Written by jane tims

May 31, 2017 at 7:10 am

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