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decorating for Christmas #6

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In our house, everyone celebrates Christmas, even the mouse who lives under the stair. Here he is, beside his mouse hole, with his well-lit Christmas tree and wreath. He has a big gift to open on Christmas day! Heads up, the lines on the wall at the top of the photo are made by our cat!



Merry Christmas to you too!

Written by jane tims

December 23, 2017 at 10:28 am

villages and vignettes

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I love to view bits of the world in miniature.  Especially at Christmas, small replicas of human space make me feel comfortable.  Perhaps seeing a world fit neatly into a small space is a version of the safety and calm an animal feels in its den.  Perhaps looking over a diorama gives me powerful feelings of omniscience and omnipresence.  Perhaps I like the impression of a story being told, from beginning to end, confined in space and time.

Our Christmas decorations are predominantly miniaturized vignettes:

our nativity scene, complete with a stable and its donkey, and a star-spangled hillside of angels and sheep…

my collection of Buyers Choice skaters, including a fellow roasting a marshmallow at a fire beside the frozen pond…

Rudolf and Bumbles from the Island of Misfit Toys

children gathering around a pitiful Charlie Brown Christmas tree…

a frosty forest of bottle-brush trees and silver reindeer …

and a village with an inn, a church, and a park with a pond, a stone bridge and a park bench…

All very cute, but there is something missing. 

The best scenes are those with real people.  A scene of us sitting by our Christmas tree, talking and laughing.  A scene of people in the bookstore, looking for a special book to give someone they love.  The scene of a colleague at work, leaving a Christmas card on each desk.  A scene of friends walking along a downtown street while the snow falls and the church bells mark the hour. 

Merry Christmas everyone!   



still street


the stillness of this street

its gentle curve

the steady glow of lamps

lighted windows, sturdy gates

a frozen pond, stone bridge reflected

soft snow, unmarked

and a park bench

where no one ever sits



©  Jane Tims   2011


Written by jane tims

December 24, 2011 at 6:46 am

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