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winter around the corner

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As the weather gets more wintery, I adopt a strategy for getting through the next few months. The aim of the strategy is to keep warm!

  1. Put the kettle on and have a hot drink every morning. My hot drink of choice is tea with a little milk, but I also like hot chocolate and occasionally a cup of coffee.
  2. Make soup for supper. I love onions so every hot soup begins with these. Tonight we added Canadian bacon, a can of corn, a cut-up sweet potato and some spices.
  3. Knit. As I’ve said before, I can knit anything. I even knit a new top for my strawberry cookie jar! My usual knitting produces socks on four needles.

I think I am the only one on the planet who has knitted a new top for her cookie jar


3. Make small lap quilts. I love to work with fabric. My method is to piece together bits and quilt as I go. Last spring, my aunt gave me lots of fabric to work with so I will not be short of patterns! I am not a very good quilter but the work keeps me warm as I sew and the result is a cozy lap quilt.


a couple of examples of my latest lap quilts


4. Walk outside every day, to acclimate myself to the colder weather. I have a great walking stick, wooden, hand-carved with an owl.


my owl walking stick


What are your strategies for keeping warm in winter???


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November 25, 2015 at 7:15 am

keeping warm

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After some variable weather over the last weeks, the cold has arrived.

The birds at the feeder are plumped and fluffy, and look twice their usual size.   The cat curls up a little more tightly than usual, puts her paws over her face, and finishes off with her tail coiled across the paws.

Inside we use our electric fireplace more often and cover up with some of the little lap quilts I’ve made.  But outside is a different matter and another strategy is required.

I’m determined to stay warm this year, so I make the following pledge:

🙂 I will wear mittens and a scarf … you would think I would be past the ‘scarves-and-mittens-are-not-cool’ stage.

🙂 I will have a warm drink before I leave the house … my new discovery is real ginger root chopped into fine pieces and steeped for tea.

🙂 I will take a chair seat from the house to warm the seat of the car … I used to make fun of my Mom for doing this.

🙂 I will warm up the car before I leave … this is in the face of my usual ‘no-idling’ policy.

And so I would like to know, on these cold days, how do you keep your niche warm????



stay warm


two mittened mourning doves

sit on the ledge in sun, exaggerate

their approach to keeping warm

fluff the pillows, bar the doors, make a nest by the fire

spaces between feathers fill with air and fibre, energy from

sunflower seeds, cracked corn and cider



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January 16, 2012 at 9:34 am

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