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feeding the neighborhood

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I have started up the bird feeder and already the mammals are nudging out the birds. 

Our first visitor to the feeder was a fat grey squirrel who performed some amusing acrobatics to enjoy ‘his’ sunflower seeds.

This year, I think I’ll keep a list of the marauders, who may outnumber the birds.


apples in the snow

she pauses, one foot poised

a lever beneath her, one hoof ready

to push off and fly

tail to flag her departure

tucked, ears up


everything still

the snow, the trees, the feeder

not caught in chickadee momentum, land

and shove away  


three  apples

at the edge of deep-freeze

draw her forward


©  Jane Tims  2011

Written by jane tims

December 19, 2011 at 6:29 am

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