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return to the shore (day 54 and 55)

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For a few days of my virtual travel along the Cornwall coast, I haven’t been seeing much of the coast.  This is because my route took me inland, to skirt the tributaries of the Helford River.  Now, though, I am travelling along the coast again.


7-54 and 55

map showing distance travelled (map from Google Earth)


7-54  December 4, 2013  35 minutes  3.0 km  (from Porthoustock to St. Keverne)


This is the famous Lizard Coast, called, not for the serpentine rock in the area, or for any reptile, but after the Cornish word meaning ‘high court’ (Lys Ardh).  I have seen a few references to the Lizard, including this sign in St. Keverne …


sign showing a lizard in St. Keverne (image from Street View)


7-55  December 6, 2013  35 minutes  3.0 km  (from St. Keverne to Coverack)


I haven’t attempted many people in my paintings, but in the watercolour below, I tried to capture a couple of the many people I saw enjoying the walk along the coastal road in Coverack.  With artists’ licence, I paired two people who in real-life have likely never met one another !!!!


December 10, 2013  'walking in Coverack'   Jane Tims

December 10, 2013 ‘walking in Coverack’ Jane Tims


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