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Occasionally I tackle a stack of stray papers. These are usually bits saved years ago, once thought important. Sometimes I find a scrap of poetry among receipts and old letters. Poetry scribbled when an idea occurs, on any scrap within reach.



This week I found a draft poem about following rules and the evidence left behind by bad behavior. I have always loved picking blackberries, so it is no surprise to me that picking blackberries was used as a metaphor in the poem.






no denying

the evidence —

pulled threads

and stained fingers


one drupe

with all its packets

could never mark

so well, each finger


rolled across the page

indigo tongue

and purple lips, words



the rule — never take

the path through woods

stick to the road, resist

blueberries, blackberries


avoid the risk

of bears and brambles

hints of danger

in faerie tales




Last spring I spent time pulling together some of my many poems into three upcoming books of poetry. This poem will fit well into my manuscript titled ‘niche,’ poems about the spaces plants, animals and people occupy.


All my best!

Follow the rules of social distancing!

Stay safe!



Written by jane tims

October 5, 2020 at 7:00 am

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