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abandoned spaces: remnant plants

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On a drive towards the centre of the province, we found the property below to exemplify what happens to the surrounding vegetation when home sites are abandoned.






On the property, I could see the old home, the roof fallen in, the tin roof rusted on the half that was not shingled. All around were wildflowers, most noticeable, the fireweed. There were also remnants of cultivated plants:

  • lilac
  • rose bushes
  • hops
  • orange day-lilies


DSCN0503 apple tree.jpg



Street View, Google Earth gives a glimpse of the property back in 2009.


google Earth 1.jpg



google Earth 2.jpg




Not meant to sprawl but climb, hops

crouch between grass, fireweed.


Recline, each five-fingered leaf

with spaces between digits.


Remnants of pink rose bushes

and an apple tree, apples


green but plentiful. Lilac

lifts spent and skeletal blooms.


The two-track road still leads to

back pasture, woodlot beyond.


Orange day-lilies echo

the rusty reds of tin roof,

the house fallen to decay.



All my best,


Written by jane tims

August 6, 2018 at 7:00 am

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