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Meniscus: Crossing The Churn …. published!

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I am so proud to announce that my new science-fiction book Meniscus: Crossing The Churn is now available in paperback through Amazon.  The book is written in the form of a long poem and includes my pencil drawings.




To quote the book cover:

On the alien planet Meniscus, Humans are slaves. Every twilight, Odymn runs through the forests of Meniscus, practicing the art of parkour. Her runs give her strength, flexibility and endurance, and a way to survive a life of servitude under the oppressive Dock-winders. When the silent Slain rescues her from a brutal encounter with a gang of Gel-heads, Odymn believes she has reached the end of her search for freedom. In their travels through the Prell’nan District of Meniscus, she and the Slain encounter dangerous woodlands, dramatic water-climbs and an impassable water churn. Odymn and the Slain work together to evade the Gel-heads and overcome the dangers of the landscape. But is Odymn really free or is she caught in a cycle of trying to escape the inevitable?

In the first of the Meniscus series, Crossing the Churn tells the story of the meeting of a young woman and a genetically-engineered Slain whose kindness may not be consistent with his purpose.



This is the first book in a series of five, all in various stages of completion. I aim to publish a new book in the series every couple of months during 2017.


I have published this book under my first name Alexandra so be sure to look for it under Alexandra Tims. Hope you will come with me for a run through the landscapes of the planet Meniscus.


or for Canadian customers:


If you buy my book, please leave a short review on Amazon!!!


True to my botany training, part of the story reveals how to stay fed on an alien planet with no grocery store nearby! If you want to stay fed on this planet, have a look at the poems in my other book within easy reach (Chapel Street Editions, 2016), also available on Amazon.



Odymn and the Slain


Copyright Jane Tims 2017


4 Responses

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  1. Hey, Janie/Alexandra/Humboldt/Whoever, let me be the first to – WHAT? Nope, guess that won’t work. Okay, then let me be the second to congratulate you re: the publishing of your new sci-fi thriller, ‘Men of Iscus, Flossing the Chern/obyl’. Your being a trained botanist (as well as a successful and sensitive poetess) will certainly allow you to bring a unique perspective to these many chapters dealing with the reproductive history of radioactive plants, which, though now lying entombed in concrete, continue to smolder, diffusing their heat to more than 70,000 sq. miles of Russian hinterland. (And here I thought all the ‘hot and steamy’ references had to do with the sex scenes.)
    Anyways, all the best. I’ve heard that the writing group I used to belong to before you cast the deciding vote to kick me out, has wished you every success. To this, I add my voice. And I would have written sooner, but I’ve been really tied up; yup – just now released from that evil place my family had signed me into. Not sure why they did it, unless it had to do with my research. (I’d been writing a nuclear-based dystopian thriller, as well; just thought the bomb building workshops would help give my prose that flash of realism you said was lacking. You remember, don’t you? And it was going so well, too, til you told me to quit and get a half-life! Wow. Still hurts, but I’m a bigger man now.)

    If I mailed you my copy of your book, could you sign it for me? And maybe this time … could you spell my name correctly? I know. I know. SASE only.
    PS – You can use this as a ‘review’ if you’d like. No charge, but any donation would be gladly accepted. I’ll put every penny towards my bail. Promise.

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    neil sampson

    March 16, 2017 at 4:00 pm

    • Hi Neil. You are too funny. I am so happy to get my book published, I will make sure I sign it right this time (???), No post necessary, I will have books with me by mid-April. I think we should have an indie=book publishing workshop on a Saturday in April. I ad a hard time getting the images into Kindle, but I conquered that today. So when you are ready to do Apples on the Nashwaak and your lazy artist has completed the drawings, I will know how to get them into Kindle at bigger than postage stamp. I like your new title for my book. BTW I had made $8.56 in royalties so far. All as a result of the kind support of friends like you!!!! Jane


      jane tims

      March 16, 2017 at 5:34 pm

  2. Dear Jane, Wonderful news and congratulations! I’ll order a copy. Always interested to see your creative work.

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    Ellen Grace Olinger

    March 10, 2017 at 12:39 pm

    • Hi Ellen. Thanks! I hope you enjoy the story of Odymn and the Slain! Let me know what you think! Jane


      jane tims

      March 10, 2017 at 6:17 pm

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