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flags all flying (day 17 and 18)

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During my virtual travelling along the north shore of New Brunswick I often see flags flying, representing the esteem of people for their country and their heritage …



distance travelled (map from Google Earth)


8-17  February 21, 2014   30 minutes  (Belledune to Devereau)

8-18   February 25, 2014   35 minutes (Devereau to Petit-Rocher-Nord)

(I also took a quick sidetrip on the highway south to Madran – the beauty of travelling virtually)


All along the coast of northern New Brunswick, people are proud to display their flags.  As I ‘cycle’ along the road I see three flag designs …


The red and white Canadian flag with its maple leaf …

Canadian flag

a Canadian flag near Campbellton (image from Street View)


the New Brunswick flag (based on the province’s Coat of Arms and depicting a red lion and a ship) …

nb flag

the yellow, red and blue New Brunswick flag showing the ship from the Coat of Arms (image from Street View)


and the Acadian flag …

Acadian flag

the blue, white and red Acadian flag showing its gold star (image from Street View)


The Acadians are the descendants of French colonists of the 17th century who settled in Acadia (the Maritime Provinces, parts of Quebec and Maine).  Today, over 1/3 of New Brunswickers are Acadian and New Brunswick is officially bilingual (French and English).


The Acadian flag represents Acadians all over the world.  The flag is blue, white and red, like the flag of France.  On the blue field is a gold star, the Stella Maris (Star of the Sea).  The star represents the Virgin Mary, patron saint of the Acadians.


Along the north shore of New Brunswick, the colours of the Acadian flag are represented on various objects, including telephone poles in some communities …

painted pole

a painted telephone pole in Madran (image from Street View)


on lobster traps …


colours of the Acadian flag on a lobster trap (image from Street View)


and on rocks …

February 25, 2014  'roche Acadienne'  Jane Tims

February 25, 2014 ‘roche Acadienne’ Jane Tims


The Acadian flag and its representations remind me how proud I am to live in a province that includes the rich culture and history of the Acadian people.


Copyright  2014  Jane Tims

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