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jet-lag (days 46 and 47)

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I had a great time during my week in California, but it has been hard to return to my regular routines.  The four-hour time shift left me out of sync.  For about ten days after arriving home, I was constantly sleepy, napping at odd times through the day.  I also had a hard time regulating my eating and for a few days, breakfast was a three course meal (doesn’t make sense since in California, I would still be sleeping).


I slacked off my biking as well and after only two 30 minute sessions in 10 days, I woke one morning to find my knee in pain and almost locked into a bent position.  Besides its other benefits, I think the stationary biking keeps my knee flexible and lubricated.  I started biking again every two days and now my knee is back to ‘normal’.


46 and 47


7-46  November 13, 2013  35 minutes  3.0 km  (from Port Navas to Constantine)


Being able to climb stairs easily is important, especially since I wanted to try out this set of stone stairs along the road in Cornwall …



November 21, 2013 ‘stone stair near Constantine’ Jane Tims


My experience with jet-lag has shown me how much easier it is to just hop on my stationary bike and see the Cornwall coast via Street View.


7-47  November 19, 2013  30 minutes  3.0 km  (from Constantine to Mawgan)


The route for the last few days of my virtual travel has taken me across the inlets of the Helford River.   This is interesting to me since I worked on waterways for so much of my career.  I also saw a flock of ducks on the water of the Mawgan Creek, also worthy of a look since Street View captures so little wildlife.


7-46 ducks on Mawgan Creek


A short distance farther along, the road crosses another branch of Mawgan Creek.  It was a good subject for a watercolour, so I tried to capture the reflections in the water and the contrast between the soft vegetation and the hard stone bridge.  In a lazy mood (more jet-lag???), I decided to use a spatter technique to give some interest to the scene.  I got a little carried away with the red!


November 18, 2013  'Mawgan Creek'   Jane Tims

November 18, 2013 ‘Mawgan Creek’ Jane Tims


I coped so badly with my ‘jet-lag’ experience, I now have renewed admiration for those who must travel constantly because of their work.


I’d love to hear about your experiences with ‘jet-lag’.


Copyright  2013  Jane Tims

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  1. Travel is always fun, but I’m also always glad to get home and back to normal routines.



    November 27, 2013 at 12:54 am

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