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biking log book – Day #6 – biking on a train track

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Welcome to the continuation of the third phase of my virtual bike trip through central France.  For Phase 3 of my trip, I am biking in 12 days from Exireuil to Magné just west of Niort.  As of February 28, I was half way there!


Most of my virtual biking trip on February 28 was through the town of Chavagné.   I am still very motivated by my virtual travels through France.  In February, I have biked on my stationary cycle 17 days out of 28.  To compare, in January, I only biked twice.


map day 6

Day 6 map showing route followed (map from Google Earth)


day 6 c wall

Town of Chavagne, showing stone houses and walls (image from Street View)


Log Book:  February 28, 2013

Area travelled:   from ‘east of Chavagné’ to

Distance:  30 minutes      3.0 km

Best view:  house with red shutters in Chavagné

Notes:  the properties very neat and bounded from the road by stone walls 


'red shutters - Chavagne'


Imagine my surprise when I discovered part of my planned travel route diverges onto a train track!  From n-n-ow-ow   on-n-n-n    the route will b-b-b-be   b-b-b-b-bumpy-py-py-py…


train track!

when I plotted my path, I didn’t realise that part of the travel distance would be on a train track!!!! (image from Street View)



Distance Travelled Feb 21 to Feb 28 : 18.0 km  (180 minutes of stationary biking)

Total Distance Travelled Jan 30 to Feb 28 :  49.8 km  (505 minutes of stationary biking)


Have you ever biked or walked on a train track???? 


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Written by jane tims

March 13, 2013 at 7:15 am

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  1. Keep at it Jane! You’re doing great.



    March 13, 2013 at 10:11 am

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