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forward direction

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Going over some older writing, I discovered the poem below. Retired now, I remember days when I thought I couldn’t take another minute of work situations I can’t now even remember.  A good message for me when I feel stressed.  Ask myself if I will even recall the circumstances of this moment years from now.  The photos are from a drive to work in 2011.





in car-contained wrath

aftermath of a stress-filled day

a shadow cloud of dots and dashes crosses

my road, there and gone

feathered beings, perhaps

a murmuration of birds

or an incantation of angels

wing tips backward beating

frail quills and  a message

to go forward





early autumn morning



lots of fog on a morning commute



looks like this was a drive ‘to’ work and I was late … no wonder I was stressed!



green means ‘go forward’


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June 3, 2015 at 7:02 am

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