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a place for Zoe

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I’ve heard the theory that the Internet is 90% occupied by cats. I have spent a fair share of my time watching feline antics on stairways, kittens tumbling from chairs and cats sneaking up on cameras.


The cat I spend most time with is Zoe. She is a small cat, about eight years old (whoops, my niece says Zoe is twelve)! She tries so hard to communicate and can usually make herself understood via telepathy. She sits and stares at me and I go through the list. Food? No. Water? No. Ice cubes? Yes.



Zoe checks in with me at intervals through the day. She greets me and listens to the morning bird chorus with me. She runs in front of me to her bowls and waits while I feed her. When I am typing at the computer, she hops up and tries to help. Later, when I watch TV, she snoozes on my lap for a few minutes. She usually appears later to race through the house from corner to corner.



Nothing special about this particular cat post. But I wish I had Zoe’s nonchalance, her utter calm, her faith that all will be well.


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June 22, 2016 at 7:00 am

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forward direction

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Going over some older writing, I discovered the poem below. Retired now, I remember days when I thought I couldn’t take another minute of work situations I can’t now even remember.  A good message for me when I feel stressed.  Ask myself if I will even recall the circumstances of this moment years from now.  The photos are from a drive to work in 2011.





in car-contained wrath

aftermath of a stress-filled day

a shadow cloud of dots and dashes crosses

my road, there and gone

feathered beings, perhaps

a murmuration of birds

or an incantation of angels

wing tips backward beating

frail quills and  a message

to go forward





early autumn morning



lots of fog on a morning commute



looks like this was a drive ‘to’ work and I was late … no wonder I was stressed!



green means ‘go forward’


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June 3, 2015 at 7:02 am

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