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a snippet of landscape – glacial erratics and boulder fields

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Last week we went for a drive to explore some of the back roads in Sunbury County.  As we drove, we encountered large boulders everywhere along the road.  I know from my reading and a course years ago, these are a remnant of the glaciers that once covered this area.  Large boulders were carried along by the ice and deposited on the landscape far from their place of origin.

In one place, a clear-cut lay the landscape bare and we were able to see how frequently these glacial erratics occurred in the area.    In the photo, you can see the boulders scattered in a ‘boulder field’.   These boulders would have been deposited here by a glacier, thousands of years ago, perhaps during the Wisconsinan glaciation when almost all of Canada was covered by ice.

It is strange to drive along the road today and know that thousands of years ago, a sheet of ice, perhaps a few kilometers thick, would have covered us.



gravel pit


ten thousand years it took

a glacial stream to set

the sinew of the esker –

cobbles sorted to layers,

screened by a giant hand


ten scant years to sever

esker snake from his tail –

the excavator bucket

reaching, fingers lifting sand,

pit-run, ready for road



Copyright   Jane Tims   2012

Written by jane tims

August 27, 2012 at 7:14 am

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