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A moment of beautiful – crocuses in bloom!

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the place: our front lawn by the driveway

the time: April 27, 2017

the beautiful: three plantings of purple crocus

A couple of days ago, as I left the driveway, I looked back and saw my blooming crocuses … purple and dark-purple-veined … shining in the sun.
The sight reminds me to always plan for the future. I planted these a few years ago, thinking, one day these will give me and others lots of joy. Today was the pay-out!


Flight paths


Bees navigate airways,

scan for nectar, flowers

in April bloom.

Guidance olfactory and sight –

ultraviolet, blue and green –

landing platforms,

runways invisible

(to human eyes)

lead to nectar.

Workers gather

and leave

for the hive

to waggle stories

to their kin.


Copyright Jane Tims 2017

Written by jane tims

April 29, 2017 at 10:17 am

the color of September #3 – a purple crocus from a brown bulb

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This morning, thinking of the long winter, I planted a dozen crocus bulbs.  The package promises large, dark purple blooms in early spring.


I planted them in small groups, in front of my concrete bench.  When they bloom in spring, I will be able to see them from my library window.  After a long winter, a glimpse of those brave petals poking above the dry leaves will be so joyful.




The crocuses we have now are bright purple and yellow.  I planted them years ago, when my son was young.  They have endured all these years and have even spread to other, distant parts of our property.  I think the squirrels must dig them up, rebury them and forget where they have stashed their treasure.




So, deep within the sienna brown of the bulbs is the makings of those purple petals.   Wow!


September 7, 2013  'crocus bulbs'   Jane Tims


Copyright  2013  Jane Tims

Written by jane tims

September 13, 2013 at 7:07 am

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