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in the shelter of the covered bridge – Baker Brook #2

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Of the 60 covered bridges in New Brunswick, most are in the southern part of the province. Last week we went to see the three remaining covered bridges in Madawaska County in the north-western part of the province.


One of these was Baker Brook #2. It crosses the Baker Brook west of Edmunston and is no longer in service. The bridge has been protected in a small park with a parking area. Bird boxes, flags and hanging flower baskets show there is local stewardship of the bridge.


2015 008_crop

Baker Brook #2 in Madawaska County, New Brunswick


The Baker Brook #2 bridge was the essence of quiet. As we entered the bridge, the only sound was the patter of rain and the trickle of water under the bridge.


2015 016_crop

I don’t get many photos of myself, but this is a good one – I am ready to take notes on the plants and animals I see in the Baker Brook # 2 covered bridge … these notes and my photos and memories become the basis for future poems


The bridge is set against a backdrop of tranquil hills and fields. A deer watched us from a hayfield at the north end of the bridge. A white-throated sparrow called once and a crow made a few comments from the top of a round bale of hay. Otherwise, we were alone.


2015 062_crop


I love the way the lichens have colonized the bridge and follow the boards, like rain, in lines down the outer walls.


2015 012_crop


Some visitor had left a small collection next to the outer wall of the bridge. Three rocks and a broken bit of glass…


2015 032_crop


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Written by jane tims

July 29, 2015 at 7:20 am

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