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Christmas lights in Cornwall (day 56)

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As I continue my virtual bike trip along the Cornwall Coast, I am heading towards Day 60 when I will reach Lizard and the southern-most point of England.


map 7-56


7-56  December 9, 2013  30 minutes  3.0 km  (from Coverack to Ponsongath)


On the 56th day of my bike trip, I could not seem to find an image to paint.  Then I took a side road northward and was inspired by a string of coloured lights across a walled courtyard.  Perhaps they were not lights at all, but brightly coloured clothespins on a line.  In any case, I saw my painting in my mind’s eye!




It was only after I painted this and showed it to my husband, I realised I had painted a string of Christmas lights!  The lights in the Street View image could have been patio lanterns, but my paint brush was thinking Christmas!!!


December 10, 2013  'lights near St. Keverne'   Jane Tims

December 10, 2013 ‘lights near St. Keverne’ Jane Tims


One of the light bulbs in my painting has burned out and has not been replaced.


Copyright  2013  Jane Tims

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