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along a stream 7-26

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7-26 journal


7-26 map

map showing distance travelled (map from Google Earth)


One of the difficulties of a virtual trip using Street View is not getting a full view of some of the streams I cross.  Until you reach the ‘bridge’, the angle is not right to see the water.  When you are on the ‘bridge’, the view is obscured by the blurred curved area in the lower part of the view, a characteristic of the Street View camera.


Today, however, I caught several glimpses of a stream that followed the road from Manassick Wood to Portholland …


7-26 stream

stream along the road near Manassick Wood (image from Street View)


I even had a glimpse of a small waterfall created by a tributary to the stream …


7-26 waterfall

course of a waterfall … almost dry in this image, but during and after a rain, it must be lovely (image from Street View)


The best look I had at the stream was after it emerged from the woods to a field of white flowers.  The flowers look a little like Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus carota), with white, umbrella-shaped flower clusters.  However, these plants look more robust than the rather delicate-looking Queen Anne’s Lace, so I will just call them a species of wild parsnip.


7-26 brook 2

stream banked by white flowers (image from Street View)


Best View:  ‘biking’ from the woods into the bright sunshine and seeing the stream meandering toward the sea, banks overflowing with white flowers …


August 25, 2013  'valley to the sea (Portholland)'  Jane Tims

August 25, 2013 ‘valley to the sea (Portholland)’ Jane Tims


This is the view that inspired the painting …


7-26 valley white flowers

valley with stream and white flowers, looking towards Portholland (image from Street View)


Copyright  2013   Jane Tims

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  1. beautiful watercolour…



    September 27, 2013 at 7:30 pm

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