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7-7 a

stairs along Looe Hill (image from Street View)


7-7 1 journal


7-7 1 map

map showing distance travelled (map from Google Earth)


Looe Hill (pronounced to rhyme with ‘who’) is probably the most magical, interesting place I have discovered so far on my virtual journey.  Much of the length of the road is a narrow path between high banks.  The overhanging trees must create a microclimate where wildflowers and ferns thrive …


7-7 h

ferns and flowers on the road banks of Looe Hill (image from Street View)


More open sections of the road show the steep terrain …


7-7 f

Gorse on Looe Hill (image from Street View)


Best View:  leafy tunnel on Looe Hill …  I like this watercolor, especially the ferns, done using a dry brush to pull color from the fern shape, and the way the light varies across the painting  …



July 10, 2013 ‘Looe Hill’ Jane Tims


This image provided the inspiration …


7-7 d

road on Looe Hill (image from Street View)


Another magical view was of ‘caves’ created by the overhanging vines.  I made two attempts at this … the first was a disaster.  I like the second attempt (below) but it fails to capture the ‘caveness’ of the view.  I like the vines, done by dipping the head of a carved eraser in the paint !!!




This is the inspiration for the painting …


7-6 zzzzzzz

vine ‘caves’ on Looe Hill (image from Street View)


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