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forested dunes 6-12

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6-12 e

long empty roads (image from Street View)


6-12 1 Logbook


6-12 1map


My virtual bike trip on day 12 of Phase 6 took me along a very uninteresting length of highway.  Other, more interesting roads showed on the map, but Street View just didn’t go there.  The houses along the way were screened by long stretches of walls  …


6-12 p

miles of walls (image from Street View)


Sometimes the walls were covered in graffiti …


6-12 k

miles of graffiti-covered walls (image from Street View)


When I turned to travel along the beach, the first house I saw was a charming cottage named ‘Solitude’  …


6-12 z

cozy cottage named Solitude (image from Street View)


The rest of the route along the beach was obscured by trees.  Although it meant I couldn’t see the beach, a forested dune is actually an environmental goal.  There is lots of evidence that the eventual natural state of a dune is forest.  In New Brunswick, we have only three forested dunes.  Usually erosion of the grassed dune occurs long before forest is able to establish itself …


6-12 z

forested dune along the north shore of Ile de Ré (image from Street View)


Best View:  a view across the salt marsh ponds near Le Gillieux ….



June 25, 2013 ‘salt marsh on Ile de Re’ Jane Tims


Copyright  Jane Tims  2013

Written by jane tims

July 5, 2013 at 7:01 am

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  1. I never knew that about dunes. Thank you for teaching me something new today. Once again, love your best view. 🙂



    July 18, 2013 at 12:16 pm

    • Hi Robin. Thanks! Dunes are one of my favorite landscapes. I was in charge of our Coastal Policy for a few years so I read a lot about dunes. Jane


      jane tims

      July 18, 2013 at 9:00 pm

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