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edge of lake

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Water is essential to my health, not only because I need it to drink.  I also need to see water.  Whether it’s the water of a stream, river, lake or ocean, being near water comforts and enlivens me.  

I like the transitions too, the places where land and water meet – the seashore, the margins of a brook, or the shoreline of a lake.  Birds and other animals love ‘edge’ – places where the food is plentiful and cover is available.  We go to the lake shore to watch loons diving for fish, deer wading in the marsh grass and ducks ‘dabbling’ along the shore. 

edge of lake


evening edge


of lake

a corner torn

from the loaf of hills

red with setting        


faint click

sun gone

dusk and bread crumbs scattered


nasal chuckle

from the farther shore

arrows etched on glass        


blue-winged teal

under wings a glimpse

of summer night


greedy for crust and crumbs


© Jane Tims  1998

evening edge of lake

Written by jane tims

August 29, 2011 at 7:12 am

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