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crystal ball

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During these incredible days of isolation, our writing group has begun a series of prompts to help stimulate writing. One of our members suggested ‘weird phrases’ as the prompt category. So far we have had ‘ear hair,’ ‘under the fridge,’ ‘spider web’ and ‘crystal ball.’


I have two ‘crystal balls,’ both small and both more properly called ‘glass spheres.’ But they are as close to a crystal ball as I will ever have. I am certain neither sees the ‘future’ but both show an interesting ‘present’ and both remind me of the ‘past.’






my crystal ball

is a glass sphere

from a claw-footed

piano stool I sat on

to practice my scales


chipped, it never

snags the sun

will not scry or clarify


forecasting fog


it has a past

Chopin’s Butterfly Étude

in half-time

and a furry

Für Elise


but gaze

though I may

it never resonates

with a note

about tomorrow


although it has

guessed, after

damaging percussion,

I will never play

Carnegie Hall



All my best,


Written by jane tims

March 25, 2020 at 7:00 am

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