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crossing the brook

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Of all kinds of waterways, I certainly love a brook the best.




When I was a child, I spent many summer hours playing in the brook at my mother’s ‘old home place’.  The brook was in a small wooded valley between farms.  The woods around the brook were always cool and shady, especially on a hot summer day.


Building stone causeways in the brook was one of my favorite pastimes.  I would find flat stones and place them like stepping stones.  Then, once the stones were in place, I would plant them with mosses.


I haven’t returned to the brook for many years, but I like to think you could still find the grey and green remnants of my causeways at intervals along the brook!



a brook in south-west New Brunswick with its own stepping stones


construction of moss and stone


in the valley between farms

a brook needs crossing

a freshet-proof ford

lattice-work built

of slate, grey stepping

stones, packed and decked with

moss, hydrophilic flourish



©  Jane Tims  2014


Written by jane tims

October 17, 2014 at 3:32 pm

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