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watching the wind

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The wind fills empty air space with movement and sound.  When the wind blows, the void above us suddenly has form and power and dimensionality.  It can lift a kite.  It can steal a balloon.  It can fill the air with dandelion fluff.  It can convince you a seagull lives to soar. 

My favourite way to ‘see’ the wind is to watch clothes drying on a line.  Colourful towels, flowered table cloths, patterned pyjamas, and white cotton underwear. They sway together and lift as the wind catches them.  Surely the whole line will sail away.

 Do you have a clothesline and do you hang out your bedding to dry?

a clothesline in the countryside


Hanging out bedding to dry


by the last acre

of oat field

grown golden in the sun

and wind


wet sheets billow


up and outward

the long husks of the grainheads

sigh like pebbles

sorted by the sea



pegged to a blue horizon

tug at the line

cedar masts are set

firm in the island till


quilts and coverlets

spinnaker and mizzen

carry me

over the wind-washed

waves of grain



Published as: ‘hanging bedding to dry’, Summer 1995, The Amethyst Review 3(2)


© Jane Tims

Written by jane tims

August 23, 2011 at 6:48 am

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