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‘Outside-In No. 2’ – bringing the outside into our homes

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I have submitted another painting to Isaac’s Way Restaurant, for their 24th Art Auction and Sale.  This event will run from May 24, 2015 to September 20, 2015.  The proceeds from the auction go to sponsor kids-in-need for theatre lessons.


Looking for a theme for my recent work, I decided to do a series of still life paintings about the many elements of the out-of-doors we bring into our homes.  This includes items collected on walks, motifs on fabrics and metals, small statuary and so on.  My second painting in the series is ‘Outside-In No. 2’ – a still life of books, a jar of potpourri, a metal bird sculpture, pine cones and my fern curtains.

For the painting, I used Chromium Oxide Green, Burnt Umber, Titanium White, Phthalo Blue, Cadmium Yellow and Quinacridone Magenta. I finished some surfaces in the painting with Golden Polymer Medium (Gloss) to give some items shine and a smooth texture.


Jane Tims 'Outside-In No 1' May 2015

Jane Tims ‘Outside-In No 2’ May 14, 2015 (24″ X 20″ acrylic, gallery edges)


The first painting in the series was ‘outside-in’, currently displayed in the 23rd Art Auction at Isaac’s Way. It features a moss terrarium and dragon sculpture.  There are still a few days remaining in the 23rd auction (until May 24, 2015) so if you are local, it is a great way to own some original art and contribute to a worthy cause!  The paintings in the auction can be seen at:


Jane Tims  'outside-in'  February 12, 2015

Jane Tims ‘outside-in’ February 12, 2015 (24″ X 20″, acrylic, gallery edges)


The canvas for my next painting stands ready on the easel.  Now, to look around the house for some out-of-doors items to include in the painting!


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