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the colour of September #5 – red rose hips from pink roses

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I have the funniest rose bush in my front yard.


It bore double yellow roses for the first few years of its life.  Then, in recent years it has become a pink rose, with the frailest pink petals.


I know how this happened – not ‘alchemy’ at all, but an example of survival of the fittest.  The original yellow rose must have been grafted to the root stock of a common rose.  When the yellow rose stem died for some reason, the pink rose stock flourished.  I love my frail pink roses , especially at this time of year when they produce bright red, elliptical rose hips.


September 22, 2013  'red rose hips from pink roses'   Jane Tims

September 22, 2013 ‘red rose hips from pink roses’ Jane Tims


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September 30, 2013 at 7:00 am

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