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a moment of beautiful – Blue-eyed Grass

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the space:  the meadow above the lake

the beautiful: a bright blue flower – Blue-eyed Grass

All grass is not grass.  In spring, some of those green blades reveal their true identity.  You look down, and a blue eye stares back at you.  You have found Blue-eyed Grass, Sisyrinchium montanum Greene.

Blue-eyed grass is not a grass at all, but a member of the iris family.  It inhabits moist, open ground in fields and meadows, and blooms in late spring and early summer.  The plant is low and slender, with a deep blue flower and a bright yellow center, borne at the top of a straight, usually unbranched, stem.  The stem is two-edged, flattened on the margins.  The flowers are borne in the axil of a sharp, upheld bract called a spathe.  In French, the plant is called BermudienneMontanum means ‘of the mountains’.



Blue-eyed Grass

Sisyrinchium montanum Greene


I walk in grass,

but it isn’t grass –


it winks at me

with azure eyes,

and I blink brown at them


Blue-eyed Grass

stands straight and still,

staunch Bermudienne

simple maid

with a watchful eye,

and a sword above her head



© Jane Tims 2012

Written by jane tims

September 17, 2012 at 7:52 am

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