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Fifth book in the Meniscus Series – Meniscus: Karst Topography

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When they return from a mission to recruit new Humans to the Village at Themble Hill, the Slain find the women have been taken by an alien transport. The men undertake a rescue mission but do the women need saving???


Review of Meniscus: Crossing The Churn, first book in the series:

I have never read a book that uses so few words to inspire so much emotion …

only 139 pages long, with each page holding 100 words or less per page … You will be amazed at how potent her words are!

I give this 5 stars for its power, its uniqueness, the fabulous graphics, and a terrific story.

Liza O’Connor, The Multiverses of Liza O’Connor


The Series follows the adventures of a group of Humans on the alien Planet of Meniscus. On Meniscus, Humans live in bondage and are not allowed to build relationships with one another. When a small group escapes the over-lords, they work together to build a new community, battling the elements, local wild life and dangerous aliens. Meniscus is the story of how Humans work to overcome any hardship.


walking among the stars crop (2).jpeg


Meniscus: Karst Topography

After working to build a new town at Themble Hill, the Humans think they are safe from their Dock-winder over-seers. But a transport pays the town a visit and the women are taken to the city of Prell to return to lives of servitude and hardship. The Slain journey to Prell to locate the women and procure their release, only to find the women may not need rescue at all. Moreover, Odymn is not in Prell and Daniel (one of the Slain) is convinced she did not survive. Back in Themble Hill, Odymn struggles with her injuries, using her skill at parkour to recover her strength and mobility. But will she and Daniel ever be re-united?


Odymn runs the pipes.jpg


Meniscus: Karst Topography is available on Amazon and at Westminster Books in Fredericton.

If you like science fiction and  adventure, there is still time to catch up on the Series. The books are written as narrative poetry, 10-20,000 words, and each is a quick read! A love story with lots of action and adventure. Edited by Lee Thompson.


Meniscus: Crossing the Churn A woman on a dystopian planet wants freedom and discovers that sometimes fate returns you to where you began; the story of the meeting of Odymn and the Slain, Daniel.

Meniscus: One Point Five – Forty Missing Days  When Daniel is injured, Odymn and a furry Argenop work to return him to health; the story of how Odymn’s past trauma may get in the way of her romance with the Slain.

Meniscus: South from Sintha Daniel tries to right the wrongs he has done and learns he must bear the consequences of his actions; the story of how the Slain returns six of his contracts to their homes.

Meniscus: Winter by the Water-climb A group of people try to build the first human community on a dystopian planet and discover that their former masters have found a way to follow them; story of Odymn and Daniel’s first winter together on Meniscus and how they help six survivors of a transport crash.

Meniscus: The Village at Themble Hill A group of people try to overcome the hardships of living together in the first human community on a dystopian planet; the story of what happens when parkour-loving Odymn breaks a leg.

Meniscus: Karst Topography A group of the Slain go on a mission to rescue the woman of Themble Hill; the story of how Daniel and Odymn deal with separation.


All my best

Alexandra (a.k.a. Jane)

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February 15, 2019 at 7:00 am

a muse takes over – introduction

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I have been missing from regular posting for a while. The reason is — I have been totally overtaken by a project I am working on.


Something I have wanted to do for a while is independent publication. Although I am dedicated to the publication of my poetry books through traditional publishing, I am interested in alternative means of putting words and stories out to readers. So I have been looking for a project outside the interests of local publishers.


Originally I intended to self-publish a book of poems about the use of stone in cultural expression – poems about Mayan stelae, Viking runestones and North American petroglyphs.  I may still do this, but as I thought about publishing this book, another muse took up space in my brain. Space, literally. In November I began writing a science-fiction romance and by December I knew I had found my independent publishing project.



a scan of the painting I will use for my book cover


I have already said a little about the project on this blog. The story is about a dystopian society on a distant planet. It follows the love story of two strangers who meet and encounter all kinds of adventures. The plot involves the difficult search for freedom and community by a group of people who have been enslaved and denied association with other humans.



My main character, Odymn, has lived in the alleyways of an alien city, using her dedication to the practice of ‘parkour’ as a way of keeping her body and mind fit.


The story is written as a series of five long-poems. This is partly because, as a poet, I am drawn to the conciseness and brevity of poetry as a means of telling stories. The use of poetry to tell the tale of Odymn and the Slain is also perfect as a way to convey the oddity of life on a planet where the geography is strange, plants and animals are unfamiliar and all the rules have been broken. Even the water doesn’t behave on the planet Meniscus. It tends to flow upward rather than down!



My main characters are running from the Gel-heads, a nasty alien species. Part of their journey means ascending the En’ast Water-climb where the water flows up instead of down.


This post is an introduction to the project. I hope you enjoy the drawings and hints of story they contain.  In subsequent posts I will share the process steps I have used to create plot, characters and story-line. I hope you enjoy these posts and find some ideas for writing your own stories.




My main characters, Odymn and a genetically-modified human known as the Slain, have all sorts of adventures as they get to know and trust one another.


I also hope you will look forward to the launch of the first book in the series and to finding out what happens when people try to build a community from almost nothing.



Copyright 2017  Jane Tims


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