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In spring it is always fun to put all your senses together and search out the elusive mayflower, also known as trailing arbutus. Epigaea repens grows in the open woods where I live. You usually have to search for the trailing leaves and lift them to find the flowers.


mayflower 4


touch: the leaves are furry on the underside and smooth above; the petals of the flower are waxy.


smell: the flowers are fragrant with a sweet, almost heady perfume.


sight: the flowers are white to faintly pink; leaves are green with coppery brown surfaces and edges.


mayflowers crop


Trailing Arbutus

(Epigaea repens L.)


on the slope, new leaves

Trientalis, Gaultheria

Star-flower, Wintergreen,

vines of Partridge-berry creep

Maianthemum unfurls


beneath the din, a melody

weeps Epigaea, evergreen

pressed to the hillside

leather armour, thickened leaves

weather-beaten, worn


waxy bloom resists

subtle shadow


unrelenting rain



Mayflowers cropped


all my best,

staying at home,


Written by jane tims

April 22, 2020 at 7:00 am

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