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checking out the berries

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As I have often written, our cabin is an enjoyable place to be. We read; we go for walks; we watch the birds; we occasionally do a little work (keeping the trails clear, working on the cabin).

This past weekend we identified the trees surrounding the cabin and we were pleased to find we had 13 different trees:

  • horse chestnut
  • red maple
  • mountain birch
  • white birch
  • trembling aspen
  • green ash
  • apple
  • red oak
  • willow
  • white pine
  • black spruce
  • balsam fir
  • shad bush


The berries on the shad bush are just beginning to form. At this stage they are about as big as a small pea.




We weren’t the only ones interested in the progress of the shad bush fruit. While we watched, a cedar waxwing landed and stayed for a while.




Last year we had fun watching the cedar waxwings feeding wild strawberries to one another! If you’d like to see those photos, click here.

Al my best!



Written by jane tims

June 24, 2019 at 9:26 pm

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