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planet meniscus: the strangest character of them all

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In my new book, Meniscus: Rosetta Stone, there are several new characters. Perhaps the most unusual is Drag-on, one of the Hooplore.



The Hooplore is a species native to planet Meniscus:

sentient, telepathic; resemble nests of cooked spaghetti; roll and bounce like tumbleweeds; rather aloof from other Meniscus aliens and helpful to Humans.


The Hooplore do not eat but gather nutrients as they roll across the substrate.


Drag-on is known by the broken strand of ‘spaghetti’ he drags behind him.



Drag-on is a friend to James, who lives in the village of Hath-men. When James was first brought to Meniscus as a child, Drag-on rescued him, and raised him to be the leader of The Resistance. When Abra arrives at the village, Drag-on becomes her friend and protector.


Drag-on communicates telepathically. Touch his strands and his thoughts will fill your head.


Hope you enjoy reading more about Drag-on!


Copies of the book Meniscus: Rosetta Stone are now available from:

Westminster Books in Fredericton ( York Street)

The Fredericton Public Library

Amazon (click here)

the author – contact me and I will make certain you get your copy.


All my best,



(a.k.a. Jane)

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