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In winter, the snowy roadside slopes keep a record of events. Animal tracks, snowmobile trails and sledding runs each tell a story of adventures in the snow.







On a drive to Mactaquac, we saw yet another story being told. Narrow tracks, each with a small snowball at the base, document the activities of gravity and wind. I think they are taking the first steps toward making snowmen along the roadside.


snow balls.jpg


snowballs in dirtch


snow games


at first

wind and gravity

collaborate, roll

the heads of snowmen

down the grade


wind nudges

the tracks, plays games

of parallels

and criss-crosses


gravity tires

of rivalry, abandons

bodiless heads

in the snowy ditch



May you encounter interesting stories on your winter travels!

All my best!



Written by jane tims

February 13, 2019 at 8:19 pm

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