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robin in the rafters and in rain

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If you are a bird, this is the time of year for nest building! An American robin has built a nest in the support beams of our deck. Years ago we had fun watching a robin build a nest and raise a brood in the rafters of our cabin.


This year’s nest builder thinks the deck is his alone. Going in and out by way of the deck gets us a scolding. The robin puffs out its chest and tries to lure the marauders away. I am afraid to go near to get a photo since I might disturb eggs or chicks, so a photo of a robin’s nest in winter will have to do!



Sudden Storm



half darkness

the moon rises

a sliver from full


spaces yawn

liquid robin song


aspen, motionless

poplar tremble

a nuthatch rustles in the leaves


wind chime plays a scale


cloud stretched across the moon

a hand pressed to the treetops

leaves turn to the silver underside


warm splashes

polka-dot the patio

puny dust storms on the step


streamers stripe the glass


curtains of rain



Copyright Jane Tims 2017  

Written by jane tims

June 5, 2017 at 7:00 am

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