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The Event: my book launch!

When? a week ago Thursday evening (May 18, 2017) at 7 PM.


reading with a Dock-winder (one of the aliens in my book) … he doesn’t seem happy to be the bad guy in the book!


What? 90 minutes of introductions, readings, prize give-aways and explanations. Some by Zachary Hapeman and his very funny poems about the weird and the wacky; some by me, Alexandra (a.k.a. Jane) Tims, about the planet Meniscus and the skills of my very capable female protagonist Odymn.

We gave out three prizes during the evening:


Zach shows one of the prizes given out during the evening … a framed copy of some of his illustrations!


Where? At Westminster Books on King Street in Fredericton, New Brunswick ( have a look at their site here, a great local bookstore).  What better place to read than surrounded by books? And helped through the evening by those who love books (Janet North and staff). The day was the hottest of the spring (33 degrees) and I was absolutely dripping by the end of the evening. Some of that is due to my age and lack of stamina. The space is quite comfortable, transformed by chairs into theatre seating for a dozen or more. We had Gel-head punch to drink with lots of ice cubes (green apple, lime juice and gingerale), and three kinds of cookies from the Goody Shop in Fredericton.



Who? There were twenty-six there to listen, plus Zach and I. Most were friends from my work and church. There were also members of the writing groups where I am a member (‘Fictional Friends’ and ‘Wolf Tree Writers’). Also, one young lady I didn’t know and a woman who was visiting Fredericton and browsing at the bookshop. I suppose we would count my two stand-up life-sized cardboard aliens, a Dock-winder and a Gel-head. And a stand-up life sized ginger-bread man from Zach! It is always wonderful to see my friends and to meet new people. Some of my friends are having a hard time believing I have taken a side-wind into science-fiction.


the Gel-head stand-up figure … surrounded by all these books, I hope he can read! I think he ate the gingerbread man stand-up figure


Why? This was the launch of the first book in my Meniscus series — ‘Meniscus: Crossing The Churn’. I wanted to introduce my friends to the world I have built. And get them interested in where the story is going. I hoped to provide some entertainment and to assure them I am doing well in this retirement world. And, of course, I want to sell some books.


The evening will stick with me for some time. There were many memorable moments. Among others:

  • Zack gave out a little squishy animal to an audience member and told how he often sends these little fellows flying into the audience when he is reading.
  • A member of one of my writing groups, asked to draw for one of the prizes, wondered what would happen if he drew his own name and won the prize … and proceeded to actually win!!!!
  • The out-of-town visitor, browsing the shelves, found my first book ‘within easy reach’ … she was surprised to find the author present and eager to sign her book … my brain had a time switching from Alexandra Tims to Jane Spavold Tims (author of ‘within easy reach’) and signing correctly.  And remembering I usually embellish ‘within easy reach’ with a line from one of the poems.
  • As we left the store at the end of the evening, a group of five young men asked to pose for a photo with the two aliens. They left with a copy of my book so they would know the names of the cardboard stand-ups!


I show another of the prizes given … a game of ‘Forbidden Desert’ from my son’s store Meta GameZ


I have a couple of upcoming readings, one at the New Brunswick Writers Federation WordSpring event in a few day’s time. And two at the Alexandria and Goderich libraries in Ontario in September. Meanwhile I can turn my attention to the next book in the series ‘Meniscus: South from Sintha’.












Copyright  2017 Jane (a.k.a. Alexandra) Tims


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  1. Very cool, Jane (Alexandra)! You are doing all the right things!

    Liked by 1 person

    Jan Fancy Hull

    May 24, 2017 at 7:40 am

    • Hi Jan. Another reading at WordSpring this weekend. Any chance you’ll be there!


      jane tims

      May 24, 2017 at 7:55 am

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