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The weekend before last, I attended WordsFall (a yearly event of the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick) in Sackville, a town in eastern New Brunswick.  I read at the open mic session, enjoyed listening to the work of the other readers at the session, and attended two Saturday workshops.


When I visit Sackville, I am always encouraged by the atmosphere of community that prevails. For a small town, they have a lot to offer. My favorite places are the campus of Mount Allison University, the Sackville Waterfowl Park especially its birdlife and boardwalks, the Cackling Goose Market with its delicious sandwiches and gluten-free products, and the landscape of the salt marsh.


Brochure for the Town of Sackville, New Brunswick

Brochure for the Town of Sackville, New Brunswick


While I was at the workshop, I picked up a brochure about Sackville. The painting on the front of the pamphlet is by Mary Scobie, ‘Sackville Market Day’ (Oil on canvas, 24″ by 48″) . As our winter approaches, it is great to remember the fresh and local produce available in summer.


The Sackville Farmers Market is one of the oldest in the province and operates year-round.


Do you attend a farmers’ market and is it open during the winter months?


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Written by jane tims

November 27, 2015 at 7:19 am

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