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Pokiok Falls

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Pokiok Stream, about 2011


On one of our family summer excursions across Canada, my parents stopped along the highway in New Brunswick to see the Pokiok Falls near Nackawick. I remember the white churn of water below me, so steep it looked like the water was falling into a pipe. In 1967 the Mactaquac Dam submerged the falls and now they are only a memory, visible on old post cards and in photo albums.


For a fictionalized account of the changes resulting from the building of the Mactaquac Dam, read Riel Nason’s excellent coming-of-age book ‘The Town That Drowned‘ (Goose Land Editions, 2011).


Pokiok Falls


my mother held me at the railing

to see the Pokiok


from highway

to river

granite pipe

roiling water


later, when the dam went in

they moved the churches

to higher ground

so the church bells

wouldn’t gurgle

when they rang


now the river slips sideways a notch

to fill the round drowning of the falls


water cannot fall within water


I cried when I left

I hadn’t seen the pokioks

I said



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